[Random Hatred]

[Succeed at Poverty]

What is the deciding factor used to determine success?

Do people take a vote? Is it hidden in the figures of our bank account? Is success determined by the size of our house or the amount of “stuff” we have?

I guess from what I’ve personally seen, it’s a little bit of all of that.

I’m sure if you ask most people, their answers will consist of variations of that cold, hard cash. When it’s “most people” you might as well consider that a ballot in itself. Majority rules, and all that shit. Money is money, no matter the form. It’s the shit you used to buy that big house. Wealth is how most of us define each other on the surface. We have become so superficial, and it’s really disgusting.

I personally believe that success can be measured in our own happiness, and your happiness is really only something you can find inside of yourself. It’s like your own little utopia, but no one can give you directions, you just have to discover it for yourself.

[Dear Mis.Anthropy]

Hey there, beautiful.

It’s me, your fears and insecurities. You know, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking (yeah I can do that on my own now), and I am honestly the only true friend you’ve really ever had.

I’m the one who knows all of your disgusting habits. I’m the one who gets stuck with the tedious chore of filing away all of the filthy little secrets that you just can’t stop yourself from perpetually accumulating. I have the neverending responsibility of ensuring that your desperate attempt at pretending you’re “sane” goes seamlessly.

I know the depths of your depravity, and they are bottomless.

I have been here with you since the very beginning your social existence, and I kept a very detailed record.

We need to talk.

Perpetuating Ignorance

I hate the way most people only care about their own self-interest. The majority of people don’t give a damn about anything that’s going on, as long as it doesn’t affect them personally.

Only once a person becomes fearful of the possibility of being affected by something personally, do they put forth tremendous effort in storming social media to post memes and links to inaccurate information referring to unverified statistics that they personally collected in an anger-filled haste, never giving validity a thought.

The only surefire way for a person to form an educated opinion on any matter, is to actually seek out unbiased information for themselves, on their own. The US is definitely a country full of people that love their instant gratification, and so long as it’s written in English, it will be considered superior and correct.

I see posts on social media regularly offering ridiculously inaccurate advice and tutorials that obviously defy any kind of rational common sense. They’re not posting for smirks, either. I’m talking the older, undereducated, borderline-extremist generations, the set-in-their-way ones who are mostly over the age of fifty. These were the children who were raised to never question adults or any of the information they were given. I get the chuckles every time I imagine the misinformation in use.

I’m not going to put the issues of reproducing misinformation on the internet entirely on a generalized group, they’re just the ones I tend to look down my nose at the most, and judge.

The interwebs are becoming clogged with overly-opinionated, regurgitated “facts” that have been copied, pasted, and published countless times by morons who think they’ve found a popular topic that will generate tons of traffic. Now see, it takes a lot of time to collect and organize information, and fact checking can be really boring and tedious, especially if you don’t like what the actual facts are.

It’s so much easier just to find a site that already did all of the work. Nevermind the fact that the original piece has been redistributed to the point of dilution and tweaked or mutilated so badly that it might not even be recognizable the original author, it has pie graph.

It’s so easy to convince someone that the statistics that they cite are legit. Here, allow me to show you:

  1. Create email.
  2. Register domain.
  3. Choose credible looking theme.
  4. Find crap you agree with.
  5. Copy, paste, publish.

Now all you have to do is get people to read it, and poof, you’re influencing people.

We are becoming more ignorant and it’s resulting in more intentional denial, which is resulting in more ignorance. Read that last sentence again. Let it sink in, and marinate.

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