[Succeed at Poverty]

What is the deciding factor used to determine success?

Do people take a vote? Is it hidden in the figures of our bank account? Is success determined by the size of our house or the amount of “stuff” we have?

I guess from what I’ve personally seen, it’s a little bit of all of that.

I’m sure if you ask most people, their answers will consist of variations of that cold, hard cash. When it’s “most people” you might as well consider that a ballot in itself. Majority rules, and all that shit. Money is money, no matter the form. It’s the shit you used to buy that big house. Wealth is how most of us define each other on the surface. We have become so superficial, and it’s really disgusting.

I personally believe that success can be measured in our own happiness, and your happiness is really only something you can find inside of yourself. It’s like your own little utopia, but no one can give you directions, you just have to discover it for yourself.

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